Event rental services Abuja

Event rental services Abuja
What to expect from a rental service company?
The thing is, you need a lot of stuff for a wedding.

There are two ways to get said things:

1. buy them

2. rent them

3.Borrow them from someone you know who already owns them, is maybe worth mentioning as well.
Most people have only ever rented apartments and cars before their weddings.

But the truth is, lots and lots of items in weddings involve at least one rental order. Getting to pick all the things that go into your wedding, bringing your vision to life, will be one of the most exciting things you do. Dealing with wedding rentals themselves can get tricky if you don’t have a strong plan. The most prepared bride will have the advantage when selecting her items.

If you’re hiring full service caterers, there’s a good chance they’ll be renting things for your wedding, and if you’re self-catering or using food-service only caterers, there’s a good chance you may not have thought about it yet, but you’ll end up wanting to place a rental order at some point in the planning process.
Most Common Wedding Rentals:

• Tents of Various Sizes With/Without Sidewalls
• Table Cloths
• Centre Piece Chandeliers
• Walkways
• Backdrops
• Plates
• Sashes Charger Plate
• Canopies
• Plastic Chairs
• Banquet Chairs
• Banquet Tables
• Chivalry Chairs
• Decoration Fabric
• Catering Service Utensils

A few hints!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flatware, Stemware, and Plate ware
If your caterer does not provide their own plate ware, stemware, and utensils, look to rental companies with variety of styles. Depending on the style, plate rentals may cost around N50 Naira each. Some brides may choose to shop around, while others may find the rental items both cheaper and more time efficient. You don’t have to find places to store them and you can often return them unwashed.

Generally you’re going to pay a flat delivery and pickup fee, no matter how many items are in the order. Because of this, it’s best if you can only have one rental order, so if you want to rent specialty items, talk to your caterer or venue to see if they’re placing a rental order and you can add onto their existing order. This also makes it easier on the return side.

With two orders you have to make sure things get separated appropriately and not sent back to the wrong company.
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