Making your event successful

What you should know as a client before hiring an event planner
The best thing you can do for your event is to hire the best event planner.
An event planner, works behind the scenes to organize every aspect of your event, from seating to speakers to food and drinks. It is the job of an event coordinator or manager to see that everything you want and imagine for your event comes off without a hitch.

Important Facts about Event Coordinators/Planners
Required Education: Degree (should be able to communicate in a language you understand)
Similar Occupations: Food service managers, fundraisers, lodging managers
Work Environment: Office, hotel, convention centre (within the event proposed region)
Key Skills: Organization, communication, composure, negotiation.

Because event coordinators must attend an event to see that all the details are in place, event managers should be located close to you and within the vicinity of the event to reduce stress and cost or the event planner, may need to put up with irregular work schedules and long days, as the job demands. Specialty areas within this field include meeting planners, corporate event planners, convention planners, and wedding planners.

Top 5 things to consider while planning an event
• The client guest list: The client and the event planner should work together to create a guest list first, as this list will assist the planner to be able to plan on how to accommodate the expected guest.

• The event Location: The first thing an event planner should look into is the event location he/she, should scout event locations that is suitable for the kind of event i.e. it should be able to accommodate the client’s guest list and a few extras, the location should also be easily describable and be easy to locate etc.

• The location decoration and set up: Setting up for an event is based on the type of event the client should be able to explain his/her event theme or idea to the planner so that the set up becomes easy. Also a good event manager should be able to provide picture samples of different arrangements and designs for the client to choose from. The setup also involves the sound systems, microphones and the like.

• The catering service or menu: The event manager and the client should work on a proposed menu for the event guest and spectators. They will also decide on the other of the service or the serving arrangements.

• The Event program or agenda: To enable the event manager to plan out a successful event, a program of activities or an agenda should be prepared before the event as there are so many event setups that depend on the agenda of the event e.g. the venue rental schedule, catering service etc.

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