Wedding cakes and decoration Abuja

Wedding cakes names, decorations and descriptions
A wedding cake doesn’t have to be sky-high! A single-tier confection is ideal for couples having a small celebration or those who want a designer cake for a fraction of the cost.
Preparing for a wedding can be a lot of work particularly for the bride everything should be perfect from picking the groom to the actual ceremony although hiring the best event planner you can find will go a long way to ease the tension, it is also advisable to know what you are looking for before you go shopping.

Ease the shopping tension by do reasonable research on what it is you want for instance, do you want a Karina cake or a Golden heart, Imagine walking into a cake shop and simply ordering “I would like to place an order for a Chocolate Delight with a fun and Quirky Design Decorated with Pink & Chocolate Dots, Stripes and Designs with handmade couple toppings” easy pixy doesn’t that sound cool, instead of spending an entire afternoon browsing for cakes. Below are some ideas;

• Diamante CakesDetailed Description:
Show Stopping Ivory Four TIer Cake with Pearlised
Decorated with Eye Catching Diamante Ribbons
Simple, Stylish & Elegant
Can be available in 3 or 5 Tier Options Also

• Karina
Detailed Description:
Stunning deep three tier wedding cake
Intricate lace work detail
Finished with a handmade flowers, edged in pink
Board is decorated with hot pink ribbon

• Naked Cakes
Detailed Description:
No fondant decals or buttercream ruffles
Beautiful bare cake trend
Let’s the standout colour speak for itself
An alternative to a traditional wedding cake.

• Golden Hearts
Detailed Description:
Gold Heart Cut Out Detail
Edged with Gold Ribbon
Topped with a Spray of Handmade Roses and Golden Ribbon Detail.

• Chocolate Delight
Detailed Description:
A Chocoholic’s Heaven
Decorated with White Chocolate Fans and Cigarollos
Finished with a Spray of Handmade Flowers
Also Available in Milk Chocolate.

• Pink Chocolate
Detailed Description:
Fun and Quirky Design Decorated with Pink and Chocolate Dots, Stripes Designs
Finished with a Chocolate Ribbon & a Large Handmade Flower
Also Available in Other Colour Options
Some keywords on cakes;
Toppings: are those items that are placed on top of celebration cakes either for decorative purposes or to signify the theme of the occasion.

Cake fillings: example chocolate, milk, cream, icing powered etc. cake fillings are those ingredients used to fill or compose the cake (note cake fillings do not include the butter and egg mixtures).
Cake Dressings: these are the ingredients used to coat or cover the naked cake. There are several types of dressing ingredients butter icing, fondant icing etc.
Cake Finishings: include all the non-eatable items used to decorate a cake ribbons, dolls, etc.

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