Event rental services Abuja

Event rental services Abuja
What to expect from a rental service company?
The thing is, you need a lot of stuff for a wedding.

There are two ways to get said things:

1. buy them

2. rent them

3.Borrow them from someone you know who already owns them, is maybe worth mentioning as well.
Most people have only ever rented apartments and cars before their weddings.

But the truth is, lots and lots of items in weddings involve at least one rental order. Getting to pick all the things that go into your wedding, bringing your vision to life, will be one of the most exciting things you do. Dealing with wedding rentals themselves can get tricky if you don’t have a strong plan. The most prepared bride will have the advantage when selecting her items.

If you’re hiring full service caterers, there’s a good chance they’ll be renting things for your wedding, and if you’re self-catering or using food-service only caterers, there’s a good chance you may not have thought about it yet, but you’ll end up wanting to place a rental order at some point in the planning process.
Most Common Wedding Rentals:

• Tents of Various Sizes With/Without Sidewalls
• Table Cloths
• Centre Piece Chandeliers
• Walkways
• Backdrops
• Plates
• Sashes Charger Plate
• Canopies
• Plastic Chairs
• Banquet Chairs
• Banquet Tables
• Chivalry Chairs
• Decoration Fabric
• Catering Service Utensils

A few hints!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flatware, Stemware, and Plate ware
If your caterer does not provide their own plate ware, stemware, and utensils, look to rental companies with variety of styles. Depending on the style, plate rentals may cost around N50 Naira each. Some brides may choose to shop around, while others may find the rental items both cheaper and more time efficient. You don’t have to find places to store them and you can often return them unwashed.

Generally you’re going to pay a flat delivery and pickup fee, no matter how many items are in the order. Because of this, it’s best if you can only have one rental order, so if you want to rent specialty items, talk to your caterer or venue to see if they’re placing a rental order and you can add onto their existing order. This also makes it easier on the return side.

With two orders you have to make sure things get separated appropriately and not sent back to the wrong company.
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How to know a good cake

How a quality cake should taste and feel.

A dry, crumbly cake when you’ve been anticipating a wedge of tender perfection is a very sad thing.

A quality cake should be first of all done and tender, here are some tips to help you know when your cake is done and tender;

  • When the Sides Pull Away: The cake is usually done when you see the sides of the cake just start to pull away from the pan. The outer edges will look dry and you’ll see a gap forming between the edge of the cake and the side of the pan.
  • When the Cake is fluffy: The middle of the cake should feel springy and fluffy if you gently press your finger against it.
  • When a Cake Tester Comes Out Clean: Any thin utensil can be used as a cake tester, but many bakers just use a simple toothpick or a table knife. If you insert it into the centre of the cake, it should come out clean, with no streaks of batter. A few small crumbs are ok!

Now, how about some tips in how the cake should look and taste after the icing is done;

  • The icing is not full of crumbs: Crumbs are the cake-decorator’s nemesis! They’re inevitable if you build a layer cake and have to split the layers, but there is a fix to minimize these irritating little morsels. A cake is good when it comes without crumbs.
  • The cake is not tough: Mixing is a tricky thing when it comes to cakes. One needs to find the perfect speed, temperature and duration to form perfectly sized little air cells to make the ideal texture. Toughness in cakes is caused by over-mixing, or the wrong type of flour. A good cake should be tender and spongy.
  • The cake is not dry: The culprits for dry cake are ingredients that absorb moisture, such as flour or other starches, cocoa or any milk solids. A second, and equally damaging culprit, is over baking.

And finally a little tip for the baker; when a cake has too much liquid, too much sugar or too little leavening (not excess flour, as is commonly thought). The cake will be dense in texture.

Solutions: Make sure you’re using wet measures for wet ingredients and dry measures for dry; check the freshness of your baking soda and powder, and check your oven temp to make sure it’s hot enough. A cake that bakes too slowly takes longer to set and may fall, causing a dense texture. Ask a specialist if the problem persist.

How to start cake making

Some basic tips on how to start a better chocolate cake on your own.
• Heat oven to 160C/fan 140C/gas 3. Butter, double-line and wrap the sides of the 30cm deep-round cake tin as before. Put the butter and chocolate into a medium sauce pan, then stir over a low heat until melted and smooth. Stir in the coffee and vanilla.

• Use ingredients that are at room temperature, including your eggs, milk, butter and vanilla. Bring your eggs to room temperature a little faster by placing them in a bowl of lukewarm water for half an hour.

• Sift the flour, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda into the biggest bowl you have. Add the sugar, breaking down any lumps with your fingertips if necessary. Beat the eggs and soured cream together in a jug or bowl and pour into the flour mix. Pour in the melted chocolate mix as well, then stir with a wooden spoon until you have a thick, even chocolaty batter.

• Another great substitute in your chocolate cake is cooked, pureed beets that have been cooled. Use this instead of milk for a rich flavour.

• Use double the vanilla extract in your chocolate cake to really bring out the chocolate flavour.

• Chocolate cake is a fantastic vessel for so many different flavours. You can try adding bananas, white chocolate chips, brewed coffee, cinnamon powder or even cayenne powder for a surprise spice. The list really is endless because chocolate makes such a great vessel.

• For a fluffy cake you’ll want to take more than just a few seconds to cream your butter and sugar together. Take the time to cream the ingredients together until they are fluffy and a pale yellow colour, usually at least five minutes.

• Don’t skip the salt. The salt will help bring out the flavour of the remaining ingredients.

• Dust your pans with cocoa instead of flour to prevent the cake from sticking. You’ll get the same benefits of the flour while adding additional chocolate flavour.

• Pour into the prepared tin and bake for 2½ hours – don’t open the oven door before 2 hours is up, as this will cause the cake to sink. Once cooked, leave in the tin to cool completely. The unfilled cake will keep for up to four days, wrapped as before, or frozen for a month.

• Undercooking your cake will be better than overcooking your chocolate cake. If you remove your cake and it’s overcooked, there’s not much you can do. If your cake is undercooked it will still taste moist and creamy. And if it’s really not done, you can also put it back in the oven.

• Choose a chocolate cake recipe you feel will push you past your current culinary skills. And then try another that’s more difficult and another until you feel like you can master any recipe.

• Another way to ensure perfect results is to consult experts this will never fall you.

Making your event successful

What you should know as a client before hiring an event planner
The best thing you can do for your event is to hire the best event planner.
An event planner, works behind the scenes to organize every aspect of your event, from seating to speakers to food and drinks. It is the job of an event coordinator or manager to see that everything you want and imagine for your event comes off without a hitch.

Important Facts about Event Coordinators/Planners
Required Education: Degree (should be able to communicate in a language you understand)
Similar Occupations: Food service managers, fundraisers, lodging managers
Work Environment: Office, hotel, convention centre (within the event proposed region)
Key Skills: Organization, communication, composure, negotiation.

Because event coordinators must attend an event to see that all the details are in place, event managers should be located close to you and within the vicinity of the event to reduce stress and cost or the event planner, may need to put up with irregular work schedules and long days, as the job demands. Specialty areas within this field include meeting planners, corporate event planners, convention planners, and wedding planners.

Top 5 things to consider while planning an event
• The client guest list: The client and the event planner should work together to create a guest list first, as this list will assist the planner to be able to plan on how to accommodate the expected guest.

• The event Location: The first thing an event planner should look into is the event location he/she, should scout event locations that is suitable for the kind of event i.e. it should be able to accommodate the client’s guest list and a few extras, the location should also be easily describable and be easy to locate etc.

• The location decoration and set up: Setting up for an event is based on the type of event the client should be able to explain his/her event theme or idea to the planner so that the set up becomes easy. Also a good event manager should be able to provide picture samples of different arrangements and designs for the client to choose from. The setup also involves the sound systems, microphones and the like.

• The catering service or menu: The event manager and the client should work on a proposed menu for the event guest and spectators. They will also decide on the other of the service or the serving arrangements.

• The Event program or agenda: To enable the event manager to plan out a successful event, a program of activities or an agenda should be prepared before the event as there are so many event setups that depend on the agenda of the event e.g. the venue rental schedule, catering service etc.

Wedding cakes and decoration Abuja

Wedding cakes names, decorations and descriptions
A wedding cake doesn’t have to be sky-high! A single-tier confection is ideal for couples having a small celebration or those who want a designer cake for a fraction of the cost.
Preparing for a wedding can be a lot of work particularly for the bride everything should be perfect from picking the groom to the actual ceremony although hiring the best event planner you can find will go a long way to ease the tension, it is also advisable to know what you are looking for before you go shopping.

Ease the shopping tension by do reasonable research on what it is you want for instance, do you want a Karina cake or a Golden heart, Imagine walking into a cake shop and simply ordering “I would like to place an order for a Chocolate Delight with a fun and Quirky Design Decorated with Pink & Chocolate Dots, Stripes and Designs with handmade couple toppings” easy pixy doesn’t that sound cool, instead of spending an entire afternoon browsing for cakes. Below are some ideas;

• Diamante CakesDetailed Description:
Show Stopping Ivory Four TIer Cake with Pearlised
Decorated with Eye Catching Diamante Ribbons
Simple, Stylish & Elegant
Can be available in 3 or 5 Tier Options Also

• Karina
Detailed Description:
Stunning deep three tier wedding cake
Intricate lace work detail
Finished with a handmade flowers, edged in pink
Board is decorated with hot pink ribbon

• Naked Cakes
Detailed Description:
No fondant decals or buttercream ruffles
Beautiful bare cake trend
Let’s the standout colour speak for itself
An alternative to a traditional wedding cake.

• Golden Hearts
Detailed Description:
Gold Heart Cut Out Detail
Edged with Gold Ribbon
Topped with a Spray of Handmade Roses and Golden Ribbon Detail.

• Chocolate Delight
Detailed Description:
A Chocoholic’s Heaven
Decorated with White Chocolate Fans and Cigarollos
Finished with a Spray of Handmade Flowers
Also Available in Milk Chocolate.

• Pink Chocolate
Detailed Description:
Fun and Quirky Design Decorated with Pink and Chocolate Dots, Stripes Designs
Finished with a Chocolate Ribbon & a Large Handmade Flower
Also Available in Other Colour Options
Some keywords on cakes;
Toppings: are those items that are placed on top of celebration cakes either for decorative purposes or to signify the theme of the occasion.

Cake fillings: example chocolate, milk, cream, icing powered etc. cake fillings are those ingredients used to fill or compose the cake (note cake fillings do not include the butter and egg mixtures).
Cake Dressings: these are the ingredients used to coat or cover the naked cake. There are several types of dressing ingredients butter icing, fondant icing etc.
Cake Finishings: include all the non-eatable items used to decorate a cake ribbons, dolls, etc.